About Us


Thank you for considering Kelly's Dog Walking. I run a small, personal, hands on business. On occasion I may have someone assist me but for the most part you are dealing with me directly. I'm very proud of the relationships I've developed with my clients, both four and two legged. We really are an extended family and I wouldn't have it any other way.




Kelly and Booboo

Kelly and Booboo Manis

As transplanted Manitoba farm girl, l found myself deeply rooted in Toronto and the hospitality industry.
In 2004 I did a complete 180 and got back to my real roots, animals.
I started Kelly's Dog Walking with a bike and a catch phrase " Call Kelly, she rubs my belly".
As my client base grew I bought a car, (those dogs always argued over who got to ride on the handle bars).
Having a car enables us to visit different parks, we love Cherry Beach with all the trees and Lake Ontario for swimming.
Your pets are transported to and from your home in a SMOKE FREE climate controlled SUV.
I'm always learning about dogs, taking courses, reading and OBSERVING.


Booboo Manis, a Border Collie/Shepherd/Cattle Dog cross joined Kelly's Dog Walking in 2008. She is my constant companion and right hand. Her herding instincts help keep order in the pack and she's keen to show new members how to have a happy and safe outing !